You are robot, your assigned base is under attack, and hundreds of civilian bots have been overcome by the power surge. You have not, and you have one mission. Survive.

The robots will pursue you relentlessly, getting hit will damage you.

You only have a limited amount of power, and it is drained depending on how much energy you assign to your light or your weapon, if you run out of power, you will shut down, and be consumed by the oncoming hoard of Surge Bots.

With a higher power light, you can see more, and with a higher power weapon, comes more damage, and penetration. But these effects will increase your power drain, so use with caution.

You can gain energy and a small amount of health by killing Surged Bots. 

W, A, S, D to move.

Mouse to aim.

Left click to Shoot.

Q to change Light Power.

E to change Weapon Power.

Good luck.

Game for Ludum Dare 39, Theme: Running Out of Power.

Not my best Ludum dare, due to time restraints and lack of practice, but i think i got a better end product than last year, so that's nice. 

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