My entry for 1-bit Clicker Jam! I was really hyped about this jam from the minute my friend told me about it. I was in Queensland for the majority of the jam, so I actually spent time outside, which cut out some jam time but oh well.

Some of the animations were a bit hard to do with the amount of pixels, and I did most of the animations in the last few days and on the plane home, so they aren't perfect, but I think that they do alright.

Another thing that proved to be more challenging than expected was the balancing, I thought i could just plug in some numbers and some math, but It took a bit more thought than that.

Although stayed up till 2 am finishing the UI and numbers, I had fun every minute of it, and am pretty proud of the game that came out of it. Love this game jam and would definitely do it again, 100%.

Tags16-bit, 2D, clicker


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I love the fact that the clicking revenue can be much higher than the timed revenue (if you click fast enough). This is much more balanced than cookie clicker, well done!